Organization of St. Johns Stake

First permanent LDS meetinghouse of the St. Johns Stake.

“On July 23, 1887, the St. Johns Stake was organized. . .In this worldwide Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the “St. Johns Stake is among the oldest of the stakes. In the early days of the Church, twelve Stakes were formed in Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois and elsewhere along the middle border. It was, of course, necessary to disband these units when the Saints began their exodus to the Great Salt Lake Basin. Other stakes have come and gone. Consequently, there are only twenty-five stakes in the Church older than we are. . . .” As we celebrate Pioneer Days,  let’s remember we also celebrate the organization of the St. Johns Stake.

This is the St. Johns Stake Academy building completed in 1899. For twenty-one years the St. Johns Stake Academy building served as a combination church school, ward meetinghouse, and the stake center. Then in 1921, the cut-stone high school building to the west was erected, and the academy building was no longer used as a school.
Today the academy is part of our downtown church building. If you stand across the street from the downtown chapel in the parking lot of the Juvenile Probation Office, you can still see the front view of this historic building. Are there any chimney’s left? (St. Johns Arizona Stake Centennial Book p. 24, 26, 32)

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