Volleyball Tournament Winners

CONGRATS TO  THE CHAMPIONS ….TEAM BRIAN BURDICK:  Melissa Burdick Hale, Sian Burdick Moore, Elizabeth Burdick Moore, Seth Veik, Jordan Cullimore and Jordan Cheung.

Kennis Isaacson, Cambria Whiting, Jordan Lee Smith, Emily Whiting,  BenandBrittany Gray, Marshall Hamblin, and Mike (Maren Sundahl).

There were 11 teams in the tournament and I think we have a bunch of sore people in town today for they played until midnight! VOLLEYBALL  ROCKS…AWESOME TOURNAMENT!  Note from Rae Womack (Chairman) “Thanks to all my helpers… Gayla Wahl, Heather Carpenter, Merilee Bloomfield, Gloria Morales, Joy Whiting, Addison Greer, Hailey Padilla, J J Womack, Catelynn and  Kyren Ulibarri. (Thanks to all the teams that ref’ed when needed and called lines!)”

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